Consultancies I work with

In addition to my own independent clients, I work as a consultant, facilitator and executive coach with a number of renowned UK leadership consultancies

Steve Radcliffe Associates, Leadership Consultancy

Steve is the author of Leadership Plain and Simple, the book about the Future-Engage-Deliver (FED) approach to leadership development. Steve’s insightful approach to leadership has been a true inspiration to me. I am especially proud to work as an associate of SRA over the past 12 years, bringing the FED approach to leaders in a wide range of organisations as a consultant, facilitator and coach.

I have recently used the Future Engage Deliver approach to lead a large and unhappy team in co-creating their shared future; I believe that this has helped put in a place a firm foundation upon which they can build their leadership confidence, engage with others and deliver a better future.
— Nancy Bell Preservation Consultant, National Records Archives and Records Administration, USA

Brand Learning and the Marketing Society

I co-facilitate the Marketing Society’s Marketing Leaders Programme with Russell Pocock from Brand Learning. This is a role that Steve Radcliffe passed on to me 5 years ago. The Marketing Leaders programme runs annually.

KRW International, Senior Executive Development

Pioneers of modern thinking about executive development, captured in the book Return on Character by Fred Kiel. I work with KRW on Leadership Development programmes and as an Executive Coach.

Korn Ferry Hay Group, Management Consultancy

I work as an Executive Coach to Senior Leaders and their teams within the Senior Civil Service. My particular interest in inclusivity, diversity and working collaboratively is something I bring to my work as an associate of KFHG.

Ian Lock Associates, Leadership Consultancy

Ian is the author of Being Extraordinary, a book about being real and bringing this to your leadership. I work as a Leadership Consultant with Ian Lock Associates.