“Anni’s support has helped us to develop the skills to build even stronger and more collaborative teams that have translated into stronger business performance”

Mel Walker, VP, Head Of Market Access

anni townend

Great leaders inspire, engage and motivate people to be their best. They create an environment in which people feel valued and trusted to deliver change.

I support them every step of the way.

about me

I am a leadership consultant, executive coach and writer, with over twenty years experience of working with leaders helping them to create organizations that truly value inclusivity and diversity.

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why work with me?

I’m passionate about helping people to make a bigger difference through being at their best more of the time. My core values are kindness, openness and courage and these values guide me in all that I do.

Anni walks the talk of what leadership means to me.  She’s a wonderfully warm, open and authentic person.”

Heidi Francis, Owner, Flint Interiors

My Mum is a brave and strong person.”

Sofia Townend

my approach

My work focuses on personal and organisational development enabling leaders to have the conversations that deliver change. I focus on enabling leaders to grow their:

My Approach

self awareness

When leaders get clear on who they are and what they are truly leading for they are able to make a bigger difference through their leadership.

strong relationships

I bring a passion for people and belief in the power of building bigger relationships in which the possibilities for excellence are made real.

lead change

I support leaders in maintaining a positive environment in which people are committed to each other and the organisations success.

In addition to my own leadership consultancy, I work closely with Steve Radcliffe Associates and am an associate of KRW:


clients & colleagues

Clients and colleagues with whom I am collaborating and, or, have worked with.

Anni offers tangible strategies that help people to overcome both personal and team challenges helping leaders in bringing out the best in people and ultimately enabling them to bring out the best in others.”

Sarah Woodley, Head of Marketing, The Marketing Society

The International Marketing Leaders Programme is designed around a Customer-Centred Leadership framework and the fine balance between ‘being’ (behavioural skills) and ‘doing’ (technical skills). Find out more about the IMLP by watching the video below


Anni is a top-notch leadership consultant and coach. She will work with you to get under the surface and look at those issues that might be preventing you and your team from performing at your/their best. She does this with care and courage and always leaves her clients feeling more valued and confident.”

Anthony Landale, Leadership Development Consultant

I spend most of my time working with senior teams in some of the most prominent companies around the world, Anni is one of only a handful of consultants that I would ever consider working alongside, she is consistent, passionate and transformative and therefore is brilliant at ensuring that clients get what they need, just when they need it. A word to the wise, only talk to Anni if you really want to make a difference, anything else would be a waste.”

Ian Lock, Leadership Development Consultant

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get in touch

Do get in touch if you would like to talk about your particular challenges and how I may be able to support you