“Anni’s support has helped us to develop the skills to build even stronger and more collaborative teams that have translated into stronger business performance”

Mel Walker, VP, Head Of Market Access

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Creating an environment in which we feel valued and trusted inspires us to be our best to work together in leading change. Great leaders create this kind of environment.

I support them every step of the way.

about me

I am a leadership consultant, coach and author, with over twenty years experience of working with leaders helping them to create organizations that truly value inclusivity and diversity.

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I’m passionate about helping people to make a bigger difference through being at their best more of the time. My core values are kindness, openness and courage and these values guide me in all that I do. As well as coaching leaders and their teams, I regularly chair and speak at conferences and corporate events. In addition to my freelance work, I am a lead consultant at Steve Radcliffe Associates.

Anni walks the talk of what leadership means to me.  She’s a wonderfully warm, open and authentic person.”

Heidi Francis, Owner, Flint Interiors

My Mum is a brave and strong person.”


my approach

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My approach begins with self awareness and reflection. I help leaders to explore what really matters to them; values, beliefs, dreams and goals. When a leader has established what drives them personally we can look at how this can be applied to their professional role. This process invariably increases the leader’s sense of  purpose – and therefore their confidence and passion – within the organisation.

I am eternally grateful to Anni for encouraging me to share my ‘robust vulnerability’, shunning the antiquated ideas of a successful corporate mould devoid of emotion, for harnessing the power of ‘the true me’ in order to engage people in possibilities and help me deliver more now and in the future – it really works.”

Liv Yates, Strategic Capability Partner, MSD

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I also help leaders to build stronger relationships within their own teams and across teams through focused, two-way conversations. As engagement increases so does creativity, collaboration and organisational performance.

Working with Anni over the last year has really helped me to catalyse a significant transformation across our teams. Specifically her support has helped us to develop the skills and behaviours to build even stronger and more collaborative teams that have translated into stronger business performance. People in our business now regularly use the language of Future Engage Deliver (FED) – it is simple and it works.”

Mel Walker, VP, Head of Market Access, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd

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Using a similar approach I coach boards and executive teams as they lead change, meet challenges and experience growth; helping them maintain a positive environment in which everyone is committed and highly productive. Designing and organising motivational conferences can often form part of my strategy.

Future Engage Deliver has quite simply transformed leadership across my organisation. Our ambition to create leaders has been made possible by enabling individuals to take time to really explore what they care about to understand the personal connection with the future they are leading for.”

Helen Bessell, Sales Director

clients & colleagues

Clients and colleagues with whom I am collaborating with and, or, have worked with.

Anni offers tangible strategies that help people to overcome both personal and team challenges helping leaders in bringing out the best in people and ultimately enabling them to bring out the best in others.”

Sarah Woodley, Head of Marketing, The Marketing Society

The International Marketing Leaders Programme is designed around a Customer-Centred Leadership framework and the fine balance between ‘being’ (behavioural skills) and ‘doing’ (technical skills). Find out more about the IMLP by watching the video below


Anni is a top-notch leadership consultant and coach. She will work with you to get under the surface and look at those issues that might be preventing you and your team from performing at your/their best. She does this with care and courage and always leaves her clients feeling more valued and confident.”

Anthony Landale, Leadership Development Consultant

I spend most of my time working with senior teams in some of the most prominent companies around the world, Anni is one of only a handful of consultants that I would ever consider working alongside, she is consistent, passionate and transformative and therefore is brilliant at ensuring that clients get what they need, just when they need it. A word to the wise, only talk to Anni if you really want to make a difference, anything else would be a waste.”

Ian Lock, Leadership Development Consultant

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