The power of side by side conversation 

I specialise in creating environments in which people feel safe to have the conversations that matter. Whether in one-to-one coaching relationships, executive teams or groups of senior managers from across an organisation, my clients know they can trust me to hold the space for them.  

I am a huge fan of the Walk and Talk outdoors which is part of my approach to one-to-one executive coaching. Throughout my work, I see first-hand how walking side by side in an external setting can facilitate powerful conversation. Not only this, but the simple act of shared movement and conversation has been widely recognised for its benefits to physical and mental wellbeing. 

Even the small act of standing up together is a shift

I also recommend to the senior leaders I work with to consider inviting their team for a short walk outside as part of the meeting agenda. When they return to the room, I suggest they ask people to sit somewhere different. This physical movement of changing place, standing up or walking can bring about a welcome shift in dynamics and a new perspective. A purposeful side by side walk outdoors with colleagues has the power to free up body, mind and spirit, which can help people move through seemingly insurmountable challenges as well as lean into the more courageous conversations.

Managing energy levels in this way can help you with critical thinking and encourages open communication. This can help bring about an inclusive and collaborative culture with bigger results and happier teams.

Thanks for an awesome session today…
I got so much from you – lots of gratitude!

One of the best things that Anni introduced me to is the conversation in motion - walking and talking - there is something so powerfully simple about getting alongside each other, going for a walk, and seeing what comes up between us.
I try to convert as many of my 1:1 meetings to conversations in motion - whether in nature or in an urban landscape - it never fails to be surprisingly good