I bring an openness and warmth that help create a safe space in which leaders and their teams can share their personal leadership stories, understand each other better and commit to supporting and challenging each other to be their individual and collective best

I am committed to ensuring that everyone, whoever they are, whatever their background and experience, and irrespective of their status feels valued and respected, that they and their contribution matter to the overall success of the business.

I bring a passionate curiosity. I am genuinely interested in and care about each and every person in any leadership group or team. I support, challenge and encourage leaders to be real, and to bring all of themselves to the group or team. 

I am committed to supporting the senior leaders throughout any leadership development programme in an on-going conversation that ensures the programme is being led from within by them, with me as their trusted partner.

I am proud of my reputation for being a trusted leadership development partner.  Leaders trust and rely upon me for confidentiality. 

I am committed to being fully present for all of my client organisations. I rarely work back-to-back with leadership groups and teams. I allow space for myself so that I too can reflect and learn.

Magic just seems to happen working with Anni. I have always admired her incredible knack for creating and then holding the space in which people can bring everything they are and give everything they have; and in many cases give and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Anni brings an intellect and generosity of spirit that together make for truly collaborative and powerful partnerships. Working in partnership with Anni means learning together, challenging one another and delivering great work that makes a difference to people, teams and organisations; and is a lot of fun along the way!