My Approach to Executive Coaching


One to one coaching takes place either via Skype or Zoom, or close to Lewes, East Sussex.  If via Skype or Zoom then these are usually one-hour sessions, if close to Lewes then sessions are usually two-hours and can, if the client chooses, include a side by side conversation, walk and talk, on the Downs.

I work very much with the whole person, helping them get clear on who they are at their best as a leader in touch with what they care about, their values and beliefs, and being guided by the future that they are leading for – the difference that they want to make through their leadership. 

I encourage the person to be at their confident best more of the time, and to explore and find ways of overcoming those things that get in the way of being at their best. The space between the coaching sessions give people time to reflect and to practise new leadership behaviours, and to have different conversations.

Following an initial telephone conversation, chemistry review, and agreement to work together then the first session builds on this conversation going more deeply into the aim and objectives for the coaching, and ask ‘Why now?’ to better understand the context as well as the ambition of the person.

At the end of this session the person has a clear path forward of what they are going to work on and to practise and who they will ask for support from with their objectives; and a time frame for the next coaching session.  I encourage the person to seek feedback wherever possible on their progress. After three sessions together, we review progress. 

Throughout the coaching relationship I encourage the person to enlist the support of their line manager, their peers and their own team and their HR Business Partner, if appropriate.  At no point do I have a conversation with anyone other than my client – unless in extreme circumstances where the person has threatened themselves, others and or the company for whom they work and then with the person’s full knowledge and agreement.

I have a reputation for confidentiality, and for being someone who people can trust and be open with.  I value this reputation highly, and am proud that I can be relied upon to be entrusted.