I help senior business leaders develop their individual, team and collective leadership strengths in order to drive culture change

Through partnership with me, senior leaders, board members and chief executives are able to deepen their personal awareness, develop their leadership and achieve greater personal, professional and commercial success.

As a facilitator and executive team coach, specialising in inclusivity and collaboration, I offer practical ways in which people can have the conversations that matter and that help build strong working relationships in which differences are appreciated and strengths harnessed.  

This collaborative and inclusive approach is the cornerstone of my work with executive teams.

Anni is without doubt one of the best facilitators and coaches I have ever come across. She manages to get to both organisational and personal development and combine them in a way that is both challenging and empathetic at the same time. I know that every one of my top team value the work she did with us highly and would not hesitate to use her again.