Leadership happens inside of relationships. Taking time to think about how you would like people to feel around you will help you develop those relationships

Our relationships can flourish or not depending on people’s felt experience of us as leaders

Asking for feedback on your impact and then reflecting on the impact that you truly want to have, in line with your values and beliefs, will help you be a more conscious leader able to make choices about your behaviour.

Leading Culture Change

More than ever people need to work together collaboratively irrespective of their role, function and status in order to deliver great results.

This means embracing new and different ways of thinking, encouraging diverse opinions, thoughts and feelings. Executive coaching gives you the space to think about the role you play in leading culture change through your own leadership behaviour.

The Executive Coaching Relationship

Executive coaching takes place over a period of time allowing space between coaching conversations for you to reflect and to practise new leadership behaviours in your day-to-day. The coaching conversations take place in Lewes (East Sussex) or by Zoom, Skype or phone call depending on what works best for you.

I have come to know Anni as a strongly principled coach with genuine passion to bring the best out of the leaders she works with. Anni is one of the people that embody the principle of being the change you want to see in the world. Being coached by her could be the best development opportunity for your leadership and a lifeline for your organization.