Why "Thank You" Matters

Why Thank you Matters.jpg


How often have you stopped to think about those people who have made a difference to you and the leader you are today?

Thinking about this I realise that there are those I’d want to thank for believing in me, those who helped me by showing me the way and those who in a different way showed me how I did not want to be and who I did not want to be like.  It’s the former group of people that I especially want to thank. There are those who inspired me to think bigger, to go for what I believed in, who helped me to realise that I mattered and what I had to say mattered too.  And these people have had a lasting impact on who I have become today, they have made a lasting difference to me in my life and work.  Some of them are people I have never met, but whose stories have encouraged me to be more of myself and to be more courageous; then there are those people who I remember from my childhood who stood out as being real, warm and friendly; they were often funny and had a way of being caring that was natural and easy to be around. There are my family who delight me, and in their different ways  provide support and challenge everyday; and there are the people who I get to meet and work with who similarly delight and impress me through their leadership, through their commitment to their work and to each other.  This week I am going to look for opportunities to say ‘Thank you’ more, and to reflect on those people, some of whom aren’t around any more, have made a difference to me and what I would particularly thank them for and if they are around to contact them and thank them – they matter too!

Anni Townend