Pilates with Izi

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I teach Anni at 7.30 every Monday morning - SUCH a good start to the week for the both of us. Below is a little bit about her and what Pilates means to her...

I am, as someone said, a Yorkshire Lass, whilst this is true I have lived just outside of Lewes for over 25 years.  I moved here with my oldest daughter Fern, who was a small toddler at the time. I had always, since I was a child, wanted to live somewhere from where I could walk into the countryside without getting into a car, crossing roads or meeting people!!  The estate agent described this semi-detached house as 'unsuitable', it was unchanged from when it had been built - and I loved it.  I could see and feel its potential.  Richard, my partner moved in, and a few years later our second daughter Sofia was born.

I have always worked with people, and not unlike seeing the potential for the house we live in - inside and outside - I am, as a Leadership Consultant, Coach and Writer all about helping people to develop their potential, to be the best they can be every day at home and at work.  I love working with leaders, and am privileged to work with senior leaders and their teams across a wide variety of organisations and sectors.

Looking after myself is key and doing Pilates is part of this.  In my work I always talk about the importance of managing our energy and then helping others to manage theirs - physical, mental, emotional and spirit energy.  I am a great believer in the walk and talk, in stand up meetings, and in encouraging leaders to look after themselves.

I have been doing Pilates for about 12 years. Initially because I had heard how good it is for strengthening our core.  And it has really helped me.  I have had 1-2-1 classes, an hour and sometimes two hours every week and truly believe that this has helped me manage my energy, stay strong and fit.  

The one thing I wish other people knew about Pilates is that it really makes a difference in the every day through increasing awareness of breath, of posture, and of strength and that there is so much variety!

In addition to doing Pilates about 18 months ago I started to do Iyengar Yoga.  I have since I was a teenager when my father introduced me to it dabbled in it!  Now I find the combination of Yoga and Pilates, and my love of walking on the Downs a great combination of keeping body and soul together.

To anyone thinking of or wondering about doing Pilates I would say DO IT!  Don't hesitate!  And keep doing it.  I see my parents, now in their eighties really struggling physically and wish that they could have discovered Pilates - my father gave up Yoga a long time ago.  I think it would have helped them with balance, with walking and with their strength.

Classes with Izi are Fun, Focused and Energising

The most beneficial thing for me doing 1-2-1 Pilates with Izi is the focus on me.  So if for example like this week I haven't had much opportunity to walk, and have either been standing or sitting, and sitting in a car Izi's help in unravelling me, and sometimes unknotting me after long journeys enables me to re-energise and to relax.  I am hugely grateful to you Izi! 

Anni Townend