Are Targets Good For You?

Setting targets for and with staff can be inspiring, engaging and motivating. However tobe so they need to be co-owned, they need to connect with what people really care about by way of their values and beliefs, and to connect to the future that they are leading for. People need to feel that they are ‘up to something together’ and … Read More

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Marketing Leader?

When it comes to leaders there are a few names that regularly crop up. You will have your own favourites. But a different approach is to consider those who write most compellingly about what it takes to be a great leader. The top three for us are Steve Radcliffe whose book Leadership Plain and Simple brilliantly encapsulates the need for leaders to lead for a future they care … Read More

Bold Leadership & The ‘The 7 C’s’

Over the years of working with leaders and their teams from small through to very large organisations I have distilled the key qualities of bold leadership into ‘The 7 C’s’. They are Confidence, Courage, Compassion, Commitment, Connection, Contribution and Community. Many of the leaders with whom I have had the privilege to work want help with feeling more confident in … Read More

How To Have Brilliant Team Meetings…

1. How do you think a digital detox could benefit the flow of a meeting and stimulate creative thought and focused discussion? Interrupt! Introducing a digital detox to a team meeting is a great way of interrupting people if they typically are checking their phones, are on their lap-tops/ipads during meetings.   Interrupting has people stop and think.  It helps people be … Read More

Listening With Your Eyes & Heart

‘Mum you are doing that thing again, you are gazing at me!’ said my eldest daughter over lunch. And indeed I was. The kind of gazing deeply into her eyes and her face I did when she was a baby and sleeping, taking first steps, discovering something new – anything really. I did it as part of trying to understand her and what … Read More

Creating Space for Conversation

Creating space for people and creating spaces in which people can have conversations that matter is what I aspire to do. So it is no surprise that I read with great curiosity a number of articles in HBR last month about the open office space and the importance of ‘chance encounters’ and creating collisions between people that are enabling of … Read More

Why thank you matters

How often have you stopped to think about those people who have made a difference to you and the leader you are today?  Thinking about this I realise that there are those I’d want to thank for believing in me, those who helped me by showing me the way and those who in a different way showed me how I … Read More

Who are you and why are you here?

These are the two questions that I  ask leaders –  inviting them to share something about themselves personally and professionally as well as asking them about the contribution that they want to make through their leadership, their sense of purpose and direction.  This is all part of helping them grow their confidence in who they are as a leader in … Read More

Ramblings with John McCarthy, Radio Four

One of my favourite radio programmes is Ramblings, presented for some time now by Clare Balding on Radio Four. It is first aired on Thursdays and repeated on Saturdays early in the morning, just before Farming Today (my other favourite programme). At the end of one of these Ramblings listeners were invited to email in if they had a walk … Read More

What makes a good leader?

A few weeks ago I was asked by Ross McGuinness to contribute to an article he was writing about leadership for METRO – the free daily newspaper in London. My first thought – as I was on holiday – was that I had probably missed his deadline, usually when I am contacted by journalists they need it straightaway – on … Read More